Thursday, April 3, 2008

Before the Sh*t Hit the Fan

Before the end product of large animals hit the probervial fan I wrote this 'letter to the editor' of a large magazine.


As a buyer first, and then a seller, & lately part of the ‘noise’ Mr Donahoe so disdains, I would like to ask him why he is using an atomic bomb to kill the ants.

If retaliatory negative feedback is such an enormous turn off to buyers on eBay the solution would appear to be quite simple. Three easy steps.

1. Ban the use of all automated feedback systems so beloved of high volume sellers, who leave a far greater proportion of negative feedback daily than all the rest of eBay combined.

2. Require use of eBay’s automated dispute system during a cool off period by both buyer and seller before any negative may be left at all. This would also prevent abuse of negative feedback by new buyers as a communication tool. eg. When are you going to ship my item? Set in a big red negative doughnut 2 days after auction ends.

3. Understand very clearly that eBay needs sellers, we pay the fees, WE are your customers.

Unless eBay plans to buy inventory, sell, pack and ship you need sellers in all shapes and sizes. We are the glorious flea market that MADE eBay what it is today.

Sellers have the same interest in keeping eBay afloat as you do, many of us are shareholders, imagine that. Without buyers we are all up the proverbial creek.

Instruct your PR flacks to treat us with respect, do so likewise, and we will respond, we are adults, we know how to add, subtract and use our listening ears. Most of us can walk and chew gum at the same time.

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