Thursday, April 24, 2008


One of the first places I moved my merchandise as part of my exit strategy from eBay was I heard about it from my eBay Power Seller friend EPM Stone Supply who is now probably their highest volume seller and totally off eBay.

She was one of those sellers eBay should have kept. 8 years on eBay at the end of this month 1198 feedback on 1478 transactions, 280 repeat buyers (19%), DSRs of 4.9, 5.0. 4.9, 4.8 and not a single negative or neutral received or given.

This is the Loudfrog Mission Statement:

What we would like to build: A place where kind and honest people wish to come and trade, chat and feel comfortable.

What impressed her with Probably the same things that impressed me. First was a response from a live human being to an inquiry, answering my question completely and pleasantly. WOW.

Next the forums. You will see quite a few familiar names from eBay on Loudfrog. Sellers at Loudfrog seem to be very community minded. They help one another, support and encourage one another. This is amazing and wonderful to someone who is a refugee from the nastiness, bickering, backbiting and stabbing which has become routine on eBay these days. WOW.

Listing is free. There is a 1% Final Value Fee which is not charged until you reach $5000 in sales. No charge for four pictures. You may use HTML in your listings and insert other pictures in your listing via a static (non clickable) link, no live links are permitted for security reasons. Listings must be manually renewed every 30 days, this helps prevent items being left listed when they may no longer be available.

Loudfrog enables Google Feeds and has Paypal for checkout, but sellers may use Google Checkout if they prefer, invoicing directly from the GC seller dashboard. Traffic is healthy at 20K per day. They also have some of the cutest graphics and logos out there. Check out the Frogs in my sidebar to go there. Note that they see hear and speak no evil expressing the "PLAY NICE" Loudfrog philosophy

Bullfrog tells me:

Loudfrog was created when a number of people started commenting on how expensive it is to sell their items as a store on the web in general. Many of the “small fish” in the pond were getting wiped out by larger fees and not enough profit on the small businesses they were running. We wanted to offer something that would give those tadpoles a place in the big pond and a chance to grow. All we wanted was a small fee to keep our little site floating, just enough to pay for the general maintenance of the site. is not the biggest of the eBay alternative venues but not the smallest either with 375 Stores (FREE) and over 70,000 members. It is certainly the friendliest. Sellers have a wide variety of merchandise, the usual collectibles, baseball cards, antique and vintage goodies, used designer clothing and accessories, herbs and supplements, books, jewelry, Art, Cross Stitch patterns, beauty products, china and glass.

Come and check us out!
Here is a link to The Pond which is Loudfrog Help & Information

Next post . . . The Noose is tightening . . . Y'all come back and be sure to click VICTORIOUSLY on any interesting links in the sidebar!


The Herb Corner said...

You've done a beeautiful job here descibing loudfrog in general, its goals and its members. And show your love for loudfrog with words that are usually hard to come by and still show sincerity when read. Thanks for all your support in letting others know what a wonderful place we have in the large scope of the internet marketplace. And we encourage everyone to atleast come and visit us. The Herb Corner

hotnana said...

Nana's Closet
This is a wonderful expression of how great we all feel Loudfrog is. There are so many nice sellers there who want no more than the chance to market their products in a nice friendly environment. Thanks for starting this blog. Shoppers do stop by and check out our pond!

Anonymous said...


We think loudfrog is a great selling venue but I have to say that some of the statements here are not exactly true. Number one EPM is buy far not loudfrogs largest volume seller this is a complete false hood looks like someone needs to do there home work as their are many stores that have grossed way more than EPM also they must have lost a lot of stores because the last count was 256 stores

LilyPadFashions said...

Yippee! I agree LoudFrog has been a most welcome haven for me. I'm a small seller, with very little experience with online selling. I needed a friendly, easy to use and affordable place to set up my store. has pointed its Url to my LoudFrog store, also named Lily Pad Fashions.
I look forward to a long and happy relationship with all of you. Please visit soon and spread the word we are a growing pond.

LilyPadFashions said...

Hmmm I am not too trusting of posts that people won't own up to.
So if you want me to consider what you say please sign your name.
Jacqueline Lunger

gasmanswife said...

I honestly have no idea if I am the largest seller or not, but you do have to keep in mind that most do not leave feedback on Loud Frog, and if the sale does not go through PayPal, it is not registered on the site. What you see on the site is not representative of my sales. I have done beautifully on Loud Frog and am proud to be a part of the Pond. I was a Platinum Power Seller on eBay and my volume on Loud Frog has been up to par or even slightly higher than it was on eBay. I intend to be at the Pond for the foreseeable future. I would encourage everyone to come check us out. It is by far the best site with the best community I have come across.

gasmanswife/EPM Stone Supply

Henrietta said...

@ anonymous

You missed an opportunity here to promote your store, I wonder why?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, life would be very boring if we all agreed with each other all the time!

Regarding "not doing my homework" & "complete false hood":

1. Store figures came directly from the owners of Loudfrog the same day I wrote this post.
2. Volume can be counted two ways, as total number of sales and as GSV which is the Gross Sales Value or dollar amount of all sales made by that vendor totaled.

I should probably have made myself clearer, I was referring to $$ volume.

LilyPadFashions said...

Glad to see your Kiva Ad on the blog. I also support efforts to make small business loans to those in 3 world countries. I feel very hopeful that what we are doing with our small, I mean micro, $25 loans is powerful in so many ways. I encourage everyone to join Kiva and help other small businesses succeed.
Jacqueline Lunger

Anonymous said...

LoudFrog is a lovely, lovely site with wonderful people, and to date my only sale on a site other than eBay has come from that site. I am quite pleased that I "discovered" LoudFrog and know that the best is yet to come.
Kathleen Rustmonger Vintage (moonlunasea) on LoudFrog