Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Live Help on eBay

A comment in the eBay Ink Blog today; is this the beginning of Customer Service on eBay? Inquiring minds want to know! A novel idea indeed.

Hi Richard,

A little problem has cropped up with eBay’s March invoices. Some sellers who should be receiving a FVF credit of 5% or 15% are actually getting charged an extra 5% or 15%.

Can you check with your folks to see if this is true and when it will be fixed?

I shall be watching with keen anticipation to see what happens!

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dspeakes said...

Well, let's see....

We got a price increase disguised as a listing fee "reduction." Does not surprise me at all that they would charge more after promising a discount.

Will they call this a "test," a "glitch," or just deny it happened at all?