Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Its a Cluster Cluck

What are you thinking? Wash your mouth with soap!

I live on an island in the middle of an ocean.

Almost everything we use is brought in, either by sea or air. My family and I are of the agricultural persuasion, my husband is a rancher and I keep chickens, sheep, grow vegetables for the table, all those lovely time honored rural pursuits.

Arrrr! The soil and the man-ewer.

My local feed store is out of chicken feed. Next delivery is anticipated mid September. Maybe.

This is not a disaster on the same scale as the feed store running out of calf milk replacer when that is what keeps the orphan calf alive, (which has happened in the past,) but it is not good news for the chickens, or my egg customers.

Y'all come back!


Anonymous said...

Well, since the "eggscruciating" comment on Twitter extorted a groan from Henrietta, Shall I offer an chortle of chicken feed recipes from the old country?

Oh, wait, I have no such chicken feed insight... perhaps talk to the local insect farmer and worm grower?

Anonymous said...

What happened to the calf?

Kevin_T said...

Perhaps it's a faster cluck.

Cheap Cheap, Kevin

Henrietta said...

This post has revealed a side of my readers I didn't know existed.

All anger all the time is not good, my husband found two bags, 100# yesterday which is a major relief but this is one of the many prices of living in paradise.

The calf, Dora, drank whole milk from the supermarket for a couple of days at over $5 a day until a friend airfreighted a bag of calf milk replacer from California. She is now three years old and expecting her second calf, and she still knows who her mamma is.

Randy Smythe said...

I loved this post and my guess you enjoyed writing it.

I couldn't do what you do, but I love hearing about it. The animals wouldn't survive under my care.

Anonymous said...

I was a "farm girl" growing up in Colorado (in quotes because I mostly played-at the farm girl bit, when asked to do chores by my dad) ... so I'm not even sure any more what chickens eat...

(how sad is that)...

But I certainly appreciate the punning humor and am now crowing with laughter (this may not be appropriate as I would be considered a hen in the world of chickens, that much I know)