Tuesday, July 1, 2008

AND Another One Bites The Dust UPDATE

This is exactly the type of bad seller eBay needs to route off the site. NOT.

PowerSeller webarker has been selling jewelry and collectible pocket watches on eBay since March 31st 1999, listing both auctions and in their eBay store. With a feedback score of 34,807 and a total 46,322 transactions on eBay, this seller ranked #2882 on the top eBay sellers ranking table.

PowerSeller webarker had an Average Sale Price of $51.51, monthly statistics show that this seller listed an average of 691 items a month with an incredible sell through rate of 72.65%, Gross Sales averaged almost $26,000 a month. That translates to over $310,000 a year.

PowerSeller webarker no longer has any items for sale on eBay. Not one.

But why you ask? What happened?

PowerSeller webarker got 2 negatives from non paying bidders in June. Bidders who failed to read the Terms of Business. Bidders you might want to put on your blocked bidder list if you are still trying to make a living on eBay.

There comes a point in time when it just is not worth it any more.

One of the bidders (270241901181) chose to ignore the sellers Terms of Service which stated in big red letters in the listing NO PAYPAL. In my opinion that is like walking into Macys and insisting on paying with Swiss Francs because it is a more stable currency. Macys does not take Swiss Francs in the USA and Webarker should not have to take PayPal if he states that in his listing. He accepts Credit Cards, personal checks and money orders.

Y'all come back

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