Thursday, July 10, 2008

PayPal The Naked Truth Part III

PayPal Seller Protection in the USA
The Joke is on You!

PayPal seller protection is limited to reimbursement to a maximum of $5000 per year for Chargeback and Reversal under two conditions IF you comply with all ten qualification requirements. Period.

You can read Section 11 of the PayPal Legal Agreement for the fine details.

Now see if you can make sense of this

A Chargeback is covered if it was due to non-receipt of merchandise, or an unauthorized payment. A Reversal is covered if it was due to an unauthorized payment. The Seller Protection Policy does not cover Claims for Significantly Not as Described or for non-receipt of merchandise, or sales of intangible goods, services, or licenses for digital content. PayPal Claims are not covered by the Seller Protection Policy. For more information on winning a PayPal Claim see the Buyer Protection Programs section of this agreement.

Sentence three directly contradicts sentence one.

The first thing to remember about "Seller Protection" is that it only applies if you have a verified Business or Premier account. If you are an occasional seller with a personal account you have no protection.

The transaction must be between a US, UK or Canadian buyer and a US, UK or Canadian seller. Be aware if you sell to an Irish, German or Australian bidder you have no protection.

Don't sell a custom made item on Sunday if you can not ship by the following Saturday without getting a signed statement from the buyer agreeing to your production time and delivery terms.
(11.3.g.)You must ship the item to the buyer within 7 Days of receiving payment. Or, if you are selling a made-to-order or pre-ordered item on eBay, you must ship the item within the time-frame you specified in your eBay listing as long as the buyer agreed to the extended time-frame at the time of payment.
Simply stating in your listing that it will take X days to custom produce the item is not acceptable.

You must have trackable online proof of delivery from an approved shipper to the address on the Transaction Details page. For transactions involving $250.00 USD or more, you must provide a proof of receipt that was signed or otherwise acknowledged by the buyer and can be viewed online

The ONLY approved shippers for US sellers are the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx and Canada Post. If you hand deliver an item, or provide delivery in any manner other than required in this section, your transaction will not qualify for the Seller Protection Policy.

Countless sellers who did not cross every "T" and dot every "I" have discovered the hard way that there are buyers out there ready, willing and able to manipulate PayPal regulations to steal.

Y'all come back later!

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