Monday, July 7, 2008

Louis Louis Gen-u-ine Vuitton for One Cent

Today I found approximately 2415 Louis Vuitton items listed on the US site.

The two 'authentic' auctions I showed last week were ended within hours of my post so here are a few more.

Authentic purse 160258607386 $1.04 and $8.00 S&H

Well Goll- eee, just looky here! 320271367800 This one for one cent - with slightly excessive $25.00 S&H

$39.00 will buy you a $900 purse, whew, some real bargains on eBay! Hurry! 270252475449 - with CALCULATED excessive S & H

Nichola Sharpe must still be putting her foot down and strongly fighting on behalf of consumers' choice.

Y'all come back


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO...anyone who thinks they can get Louis Vuitton for $0.01 needs to be slapped, shot, then slapped again. Obviously, these people don't know any homosexuals because if they did they'd be schooled on spotting fakes and knowing a $900 LV purse isn't going to be had for $0.01 unless the S&H is $599! I guess people who bid on those items also think they can get real pearls for $0.99. What amazes me is that eBay even lets these items get posted...oh that's right...they're just a venue:-)!

Anony Mouse

tula said...

It's possible that the buyers know they're getting fakes and simply don't care. Some people don't mind having a fake, so long as it looks real. Personally, I would never buy a designer bag, real or fake, since I'm not particularly interested in labels. But that's just me :-)

exposingtheplayers said...

Maybe it's so hard to rid the site of counterfeits because PayPal needs inventory.


Henrietta said...

Like Tula I am not interested in labels. I AM much amused by eBay's declaration that they spend millions pulling fakes. How can something so poorly done cost so much money? I also think the LV purses are butt ugly, real or not, but that is just my opinion.