Saturday, June 14, 2008

eBay Alternative Venue Delcampe

I made an amazing discovery today.

I am a certified packrat I have a lot of 'stuff'. In fact, I confess, my house is bursting at the seams with 'stuff'; antique and vintage sewing machines (too heavy and expensive to ship plus they take a LOT of space); vintage English transferware (too heavy and expensive to ship plus they take a LOT of space), I am an omniverous reader so I have many books. I started collecting Victorian and Edwardian era advertising trade cards(* BUY this one here*) for sewing machines, which led to greeting cards, then postcards. You get the picture!

Boycotting eBay since February 18th put a serious crimp in my addiction. This is a good thing because I probably bought as much, if not more than I sold. I am part of the 'clutter', the 'noisy minority' who has been 'routed off the site'. eBay seems oblivious to the fact that I and many of my co-sellers were buyers, and we are gone.

THIS is what I discovered today, click the banner.

Full disclosure: If you sign up I will receive a small, one time affiliate link payment.

I searched the site for "postcards South Dakota" and to my utter astonishment instead of one, or none, I found 263, from several different sellers.

This site is a treasure trove, it is clean looking and simple to use. The site may be viewed in French, English, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish, naturally your listings will be seen by potential buyers in all these languages. Registration was quick and easy, the search engine offers many choices and produces what you have asked for, not what the site thinks you should see. Amazing.

Delcampe has customer service, it is called customer support and is available both online and by telephone/fax in all six supported languages. There are published telephone numbers for 11 different countries, therefore no international call is required. Unbelievable! But true!

Delcampe is a website run by collectors for collectors.

S├ębastien Delcampe, the founder of the website, happened to be fond of collections and computer science. He used to be a seller on a Belgian website where all kinds of items were sold. S├ębastien thought that a website specific to the world of collecting was missing so Delcampe was started in 2000.... In a few words, if the Delcampe Team shapes the body of the website, the members are the soul of it. Since the beginning, the reputation of Delcampe is spreading among collectors by word to mouth. This is mainly because we have always been doing our utmost to offer the best services fitting the needs of the members. If we do what the majority wants, they can only speak well of the website.

Selling Fees in US$:
Registration is free for both buyers and sellers. There are no insertion fees, you are given a storefront at no additional charge. You may list Auctions or Fixed Price. Sales fees are calculated on a double sliding scale, no sales no fee. Based on the gross sales of the month and billed at the beginning of the following month, rates range between 5.5% with volume of less than $750.00 down to 2% for sales above $15,000 plus what they call a tariff applied on sales exceeding $750.
Example: Last month, you sold for a total of 800.00 USD. The commission due at the beginning of the following month will be: 0.05 x (800-750) + 41.25 = 43.75 USD
There are many upgrades and choices. Go check it out.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to look at postcards.

Y'all come back


TheBrewsNews said...

Very Interesting! I always enjoy visiting your blog because is it is such a treat to read what you write.

Henrietta said...

The feeling is reciprocated, I check your blog every day and so far I don't think we have duplicated each other! Thanks.

Delcampe Auctions said...

Thank you very much for your interest in Delcampe Auctions. I am sure you will find everything you need to buy and sell your collectibles.

"Delcampe Auctions is a dedicated team and enthousiatic members who give collectors an international meeting place with a friendly face, where trust, passion and user-friendlyness in the transactions rule."

Best regards, your Delcampe Team