Monday, June 23, 2008

Throw This eBay Stock Away

Oh MY!

Rick Munarriz of Motley Fool says this today

I've been tossing a few stocks into the trash bin this month. It's not because I'm a meanie. I'm a bull at heart. However, I feel that if I'm holding onto an inferior stock -- with superior alternatives readily available -- I owe it to myself to move on.

So I'm back for another week of cleanup duty. I've got one stock that I suggest you dump, and three potential replacements that I believe will outperform the equity that I'm trashing.

Who to heave this week? Come on down, eBay (Nasdaq: EBAY)

Y'all come back


Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know why anyone would keep or buy a stock that does not pay dividends, does not split, or otherwise show any significant profit but whose corporate execs are reaping huge saleries. I'm no stock expert but I'm just saying...

If you really want to hurt eBay and get a message across, boycotts are not going to do it. Dumping your stocks will!

Anony Mouse

Henrietta said...

No it won't. Sorry to disagree so bluntly. Meg and all the rest of them are dumping stock as fast as they get it. Did I read Meg sold $80 Million last year?

eBay thinks their stock is a bargain so they are gobbling it up, and think about this, if eBay is majority shareholder they get to tell stockholders who ask if they have considered paying a dividend "No", hows that for charm and diplomacy. Stockholder Dude should think himself fortunate not to have received gorilla noises as an answer.

ms.pat said...

I was so pleased to read that article yesterday - FINALLY, wall street is seeing their darling the way it really is! Lipstick on a pig is what it is! Then again, Motley Fool had another article today that suggested you buy Ebay stock - good grief!!!

Anonymous said...

If current stock holders dump ebay stock and ebay continues to snap it up at bargin prices, there will be no big stock holders left to challenge future ebay decisions and changes.

As always....there is a method to their madness.