Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coming Soon to an eBay Near You?

eBay Germany has announced a maximum allowable shipping policy in several categories which will take effect June 15th 2008, the untranslated announcement is here. eBay Germany is the largest non US eBay trading site and was launched in June 1999.

"In order to prevent bad buyer experiences, introduces maximum forwarding expenses to 34 categories."

This will naturally increase eBay's 'take' through Insertion and Final Value Fees because sellers may need to make a profit to justify remaining in business.

The only collectibles category affected by this new policy is Total Verr├╝cktes which translates to Totally Crazy, and it is certainly strange. Amongst the offerings in this category are watches, male anatomical sculptures, a hand knitted 'williwarmer', tri-color mohawk wigs in the German national colors (gold black orange) and a fake tattoo sleeve.

Other recent policy changes in Germany include mandatory Paypal in one day auctions in the following categories, effective May 30th:

# Photo & Camcorder

# Mobile phone & Organizer

# Clothes & accessory

# PC & video games

# Audio & Hifi

# Computer

Time to hang up your hat?
Is this the next step in the ersatz Amazon-ization of eBay, coming soon to the USA?

What do you think?

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