Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Today we remember all the gallant men and women who gave their lives for their country. Today in Afghanistan and Iraq, yesterday in Viet Nam and Korea, war after war stretching like milestones into the past.

What happens when the gardens of stone can no longer name the dead? Will the wind catch their souls and whisper their names to the midnight sky? Or will silence be the lullaby of the forgotten?
- John Cory

Today is a good day to think about the price of war. To think hard about what we can do to wage peace so that all the suffering stops. We honor those who heard the call to service, and returned wounded in body and mind, but what can we do to help them? We need to become more activist and tell our elected politicians that our veterans deserve more not less.

Check out Welcome Home Soldier and see what you can do to help Miz'Remy.

We thank those who serve today with pretty and patriotic speeches and this is a good thing. It would be a better thing to work to ensure they will not be forgotten when they return.

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Anonymous said...

Aloha Henrietta

How unfortunate that wars almost invariably result from people being afraid to speak up. Fear has let rulers, like eBay, dictate their wants because no-one will speak up and the few that do are squashed like bugs and killed. Not until many have spoken up (at risk of their own lives), does change occur. By then, the only way to enforce that change is war. May this day forever be a time of reflection for all; a day to speak up regardless of the fear we feel. Maybe then will we be able to avoid wars!

Anony Mouse