Saturday, May 10, 2008

Poof to YOU Says the King of Spin


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I commented this to Usher Lieberman's guest blog on Richard Brewer-Hay's eBayINKblog but I guess there is something in it which is against policy because it got censored. Maybe it was a glitch! We get a lot of those on the Discussion Boards and the Answer Center these days too, we call it *POOF*. Original post below.


Hello Mr. Lieberman

Most of us posting here have been around eBay a LOT longer than you have. We may be noisy but we are not stupid. We can even spell Sherman Act!

Remember when PayPal was a start-up? At that time eBay owned BillPoint (of late unlamented memory) and PayPal was unsafe and prohibited on eBay.

Well gee gol-lee gosh! Right after eBay bought PayPal it became safe and secure. Very few changes in TOS or management but it became a whole lot safer once the fees were going to the right place.

Yes, I offer Paypal on my website too, but am having Google Checkout integrated because it is just as safe, in fact a LOT safer for a seller and it is clean and easy for buyers.

I like to credit my buyers with enough brainpower to decide for themselves which service they choose. For a retailer with a strong emphasis on customer service and satisfaction guaranteed, choice is good. Customers like choice and as we sellers all know; keeping the paying customers happy is the key to success.

In so far as the media ignoring you, maybe they placed greater weight on your boss's statement to the NY Times when he stated . . . if the test was successful in Australia, the company would introduce it in other countries “in months, not years”, than to your spin.
Here is the link:

Are you going to have a little chat with Simon Smith about not comparing his customers & their buyers to heroin users?

Possibly the lesson eBay needs to apply to ALL its markets can be summarized in two things almost everyone's mother must have said at least once. Sometimes it is good to remember what Mom said.

Don't Push! It's rude to push.


You can catch a whole lot more flies with honey than vinegar.

I hope your headache is feeling better and thank you for coming to play with us.

PSST. Mechelle, there is a link to on the spot reportage of that meeting on my blog, linked to my name above. eBay did make a video but obviously not for public consumption.


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C~ME said...

Amazing. And actually, it was still showing as "poof" not too long ago.

Too bad the big dogs don't want to play with you. You'd have them for lunch.