Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Technology ITs Better Stronger Faster

In my morning wander around the blogs (not all business related) I see that RBH over at eBayInkblog is all chuffed about some new widgets he is getting for his blog. He says

We’re in the final stages of bug-testing that feature, so look for that later this week.
I say hmmmmmm.

In the comments today was a question
Can you find out the details of the (EMR) Enhanced Member Reporting tool? I only know that it is an honor for positive membership that some sellers have been rewarded with. Also, that it is to quickly report other sellers for violations.

On the system announcements board a seven day old glitch which actively changes listings is finally fixed. eBay advises:
Buyers: When you contemplate bidding on or buying any item, please rely on the information provided by the seller in the item description, rather than depending solely on the information shown in the Item Specifics area. If you have any question about the item, please contact the seller via the Ask Seller a Question link on the item page.
Now we all know that diligent buyers not only read the listing from beginning to end (parsing every sentence) and email the seller with questions, but they always check the system announcements board before bidding. Hmmmm

I notice that the Systems Announcements Board has been 'enhanced' it now only shows the last few acknowledged 'glitches'. This is a proactive measure designed to lessen stress for sellers, if they can't track back and see all the 'glitches' they can just be happy singing the eBay song as they work. See! Just like Lorrie Norrington said; eBay does care about sellers. Awwww.

Earlier this week Charity Auctions were down.
sellers may have difficulty interacting with and viewing information for any of their eBay Giving Works listings in My eBay
No biggie, hmmm.

An enormous outage in ProStores which did not make it to the announcements board; read all about it on this forum thread
ProStores administration URL goes to the Google Search Page, good grief, this is terrible.
Three pages of agitated ProStores sellers enlivened by these posts,
#31 Didn't you see the announcement posted this afternoon?

ProStores are shut down permanently.

No more prostores.



The techies at PayPal have been having a workout this month, Auctionbytes reported a one day notification problem fixed but the glitches have been ongoing for a while. We will go deeper into that another day!

Aaaah, technology ... better, stronger, faster!

Almost forgot!
Congratulations & Many Happy Returns of the Day to official eBay blogger Richard Brewer-Hay on the successful completion of two months, apparently with sanity and sense of humor intact. Well done RBH.

Y'all come back and be sure to click VICTORIOUSLY on any interesting links in the sidebar!

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TheBrewsNews said...

Today, when buyers use the Search function in certain categories, they see a "Deals" section to the left of all the returned results. When buyers roll their mouse over all the product pictures in the "Deals" section, it says that each of the items offer FREE SHIPPING. However, if you click on each of the items to view the actual item description, the sellers do NOT offer free shipping.

So, after purchasing the items with BUY NOW, the buyers are either unhappy that they must pay shipping as is stated in the auction description or they try to negotiate free shipping from the seller. Of course, eBay gets their money (in the form of insertion fees and final value fees) even if the buyer ends up not paying (if the seller insists on charging the shipping that they stated instead of the free shipping eBay falsely advertised) and the seller is the one who risks getting negative feedback or lower DSR ratings if they don't give the buyer free shipping after the fact, because of eBay's error.

What a wonderful eBay buyer and seller experience!