Friday, September 19, 2008

eBay Stumbles Over Own Feet, Again

Earlier this month eBayINKblog posted that eBay had been awarded the 2007 National Medal of Technology and Innovation and that President Bush would be making the presentation at the White House September 29th. My thought at the time, heckova job Dubya.

The big news today is from TechCrrrunch who report StumbleUpon, the web based content discovery service is for sale. eBay bought StumbleUpon in May of last year for $75 million dollars. As seems to be standard, anything eBay buys immediately goes downhill. StumbleUpon has dropped 470 places on the Alexa Ranking global scale in the last three months to a comparatively dismal #1256 last week. Scott Wingo said

Apparently traffic has plummeted from 4.4m users to 1m users since the eBay acquisition - ouch.

Naturally this has nothing to do with the noisy hordes of deranged and disgruntled eBay boycotters, some of whom may have actually gone so far as to delete the StumbleUpon button from their blogs because it belongs to eBay. Na Na Na.

Today eBay had a quickie Town Hall with Stephanie Tilenius, announced yesterday. The usual carefully screened calls on the usual subjects with, of course the usual responses. Sellers again tried to get eBay to change the DSR wording and Uncle Griff, master statistician and data expert stated "nobody gets all 4.0 every time". Knock me down with a feather! Griff you are doing a heckova job.

Finally, on the technological achievement front, nobody can FIND anything on eBay AGAIN because finding is broken, as usual. Move along now folks.

Y'all come back

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