Thursday, September 18, 2008

How To Pump Up Listing Totals On eBay

In one easy lesson.

At midnight Monday September 15th eBay rolled out the very latest of their changes with the new and improved format Fixed Price 30 day duration (FP30) listings. This roll out uses the familiar eBay formula, loudly announcing much lower Insertion Fees and keeping very quiet about the whomping 'adjustments' to Final Value Fees. A sneaky little tranche change was effected at the same time. See changes here

Apparently unannounced changes and 'improvements' to the New Search Experience (eBays caps) are being implemented simultaneously. "We want a more engaging, dynamic experience that is fundamentally driven by buyers." User response could be described as less than positive.

Your "New Search Experience" sucks, and if I ever have to use it again, I will be through as an eBay buyer!

I am so turned off by your newest 'tweaks' that I have severely curtailed my shopping. You have succeeded in ruining my whole shopping experience! For one thing, the new format is CLUTTERED and MESSY! Anything that takes MORE clicks of the mouse to navigate than before is NOT efficient! I am a browser .... I click on a category and then refine my search by eliminating non-essential and irrelevant searches. I can no longer do that .... I had some categories weeded down to 10-20 pages; new they are expended back to 100 or more pp and I don't have the time or inclination to wade through them all! Ebay is suffering from too many 'improvements'!!

On Tuesday the Medved charts showed approximately 16.2M listings on eBay. Today they are close to 17.2M. As Randy Smythe blogged on the FB30 launch today at My Blog Utpia!
... number seems to be lower than expected -- at least from analysts who have contacted me and asked "why the reluctance from sellers" to adopt the new format ... So why hasn't this new format taken off? ... Many sellers have just moved on. They are sticking with what they know works on eBay and putting all of their energy into other marketplaces or their own websites.

It appears that many FP30 listings are appearing twice. That would certainly puch up the listing numbers for Q4. In the first picture the top and bottom items are duplicates. The second picture shows more. Click to enlarge!

The big question?

Are sellers being billed twice?

Y'all come back

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