Tuesday, September 30, 2008

eBay Threatens Canadians

A story on AuctionBytes this morning highlights what sounds like a threat from eBay.com to Canadian media sellers. An announcement on eBay.ca dated September 29th from Ira Grossman on eBay's 'Shipping Team' (You gotta love it, they do so much shipping!)

While Canadian sellers are not subject to the shipping limits when listing on eBay.ca, we recognize there will be a competitive impact for Canadian listings appearing in the US marketplace. Since the cost of shipping from Canada is substantially higher than shipping domestically within the US, sellers charging actual shipping costs from Canada using either flat rate or calculated shipping may be negatively impacted in Best Match sort or Total Cost sort on eBay.com as a result of the higher shipping costs. We encourage Canadian sellers to consider strategies to lower their stated shipping costs, or even offer free shipping to the US, if, for example, they can successfully shift some of the cost of shipping into their item price and still remain competitive.

Hmm, ship free or die!

Are you tired of this? In my travels on the internet I found what might be an alternative to the hassle and expense of listing, wondering if you will get paid, packing and shipping and waiting for the DSRs to chop off your head. It looks like a good deal.

Full disclosure I have no financial incentive for recommending this site, no affiliate fees, nada.

Buyback Direct was created to provide consumers a way to sell their unwanted Video Games, DVDs, and CDs, directly online. Today, consumers' choices are to take their no longer wanted entertainment inventory to a local store whose location may not be convenient for them and may not purchase their entire inventory. Their other option is to sell their entertainment inventory online through Amazon®, Half.com®/eBay® or Yahoo!®. These channels are full of product that may not sell. Also, if the consumer wishes to part with 50 CDs, they would have to conduct 50 individual transactions with 50 separate mailings - again, assuming that their entire inventory was purchased. What are your chances of selling your copy and more importantly what is your time worth! BuybackDirect.com offers you the best price along with payment by check or PayPal, and free shipping and insurance!

I talked to one seller who uses the website and he assures me it is on the level.

Y'all come back!

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