Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tools of the Trade

My husband and I are fairly active in animal rescue. What this means is if he sees a sick or injured animal or one which has been thrown away, which happens here a lot, he picks it up and brings it home. We also tend to get given old and debilitated horses, some of whom are in such bad condition that the kindest thing to do is give them the gift of peace.

For those animals which are salvegeable, I nurse them back to health, spay or neuter, and place them in a good home if they are adoptable. Quite often they are not adoptable, either because they are feral or have special needs. Then they stay.

Left to right and back to front: 2Q Calf bottle, human baby bottle for bigger puppies, calf nipple, kid or foal nipple, kitten or small puppy, lamb.

We have had horses, orphaned or rejected foals, pigs, chickens, rabbits, orphaned lambs and calves, chicks, geriatric sheep and of course cats and dogs. Nursing, dietary and housing requirements are different for each species.

I have a special freezer which contains milk substitute and colostrum for foals, lambs, calves and kids (the goat kind) kitten and puppy milk comes in cans and lives in my 'hospital' cupboard which also contains electrolytes, naso-gastric feeding tubes in three sizes, hot pads and heat lamps, needles and syringes, sterilizing agents, wound wash and a variety of potions, lotions and ointments.

Some of our animals stories are told here they are child safe stories, nothing sad or gruesome.

Y'all come back

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Yes, it is time to take some time off! Thank God for weekends! Time to recharge the batteries, and get the cobwebs out of the brain! Take care Henrietta! Thanks for giving us so much stimulating food for the brain!