Saturday, September 27, 2008

That Was The Week That Was

Top blog post for me this week was a 'shock and awe experience' at Genuine Seller which opened my eyes to the eBay disruptive innovation program. I kinda hate to expose my ignorance but seriously, I always thought that was a joke, urban legend, a sick joke but a joke. For this JohnDo is paid millions in salary and stock options?

Runner-UpThe Brews News on seller motivation. Pay close attention to paragraph 2, Margins.

Oh My Gosh! post award would be Sue Bailey's Tamebay post today. Tamebay is generally regarded as pro-eBay and is always informative, so I sincerely hope someone in a position of power at eBay reads this.

Perennial Favorite, the GOOD John - ColderICE of 3rd Power Outlet who dispenses a rich blend of commentary, opinion and plain e-commerce sense with humor on video. This one on DSRs.

Retro Current. This is actually 'That Was The Year That Was', 2006, the single incident that switched on the light and led to my learning to build a functioning website and begin implementing an exit strategy from eBay. This archived blog post from Blogio, the Vendio blog.

The latest eBay UK scandal, which would appear to step right over the bait and switch line, is covered on the Buildaskill Biz Blog.

Also Ran eBayINKblog is full of the exciting NEW Oh! Wait a minute, maybe its not new, ummm, the exciting resurrected Ad Marketplace keywords Pay Per Click program. Ads will appear "near the bottom of the page when a buyer searches for a particular keyword or is browsing in a particular category". This will be a deeply satisfying income stream for eBay as competitors gleefully click each others ads. Didn't work before, will it work this time around?

Enjoy and have a good weekend. Y'all come back!

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Kevin_T said...

I keep meaning to thank you for these weekly round-ups, Henrietta, but I end up reading somewhere else from a link and forget to come back and do so.

So thank you for the TW3 posts, they are a great overview of what is happening.

Kind Regards, Kevin

Henrietta said...

Aloha Kevin, I am glad you enjoy TW3 and I am especially grateful for your comments. I get an amazing number of readers but very few comments.

Sometimes it feels like dropping stones down a very deep well, can't hear the splash!

Anonymous said...

Read all the links, Henrietta. That Genuine Seller blog about disruptive innovation was a barn burner.

You have a really great blog yourself. I check in everyday.

Barcie said...

Henrietta - I consistently lurk on your site and My Blog Utopia, although I have made a few comments on Randy's blog when I felt really compelled.
I now read yours regularly and probably more and more people are doing the same. Knowledge is power and your point of view is priceless.
You tell it like it is and with such humor; keep it up!

Ann Iverson said...
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Ann Iverson said...

Hello Henrietta -

I second the sentiments of the posters above. Thank you very much for your insights regarding eBay and how their bizarre "policies" and "decisions" have been killing off the buyers and SELLERS!

I really enjoy your perspective, experience and sense of humor/irony about all things eBay.

I have been buying/selling on that site for over 10 years. I had depended on my sales there to supplement my Social Security Disability income for the past year but I no longer trust that eBay will show my items to my buyers.

What a freaking shame to see them dead set on crashing and burning!

Again, my thanks and appreciation for your ongoing efforts!

Anonymous said...

I can only say I agree with the above posters. This is a daily stop for me. I love your clear headed twists to the eBay farce that is happening before all of our eyes.

I think someone out there with the talent should be preparing the next day time soap --eBay Times -- or something similar.

No one has mentioned it yet but you really find and post some great images to go with the text.


PS -- Sue, over at Tamebay, is finally acknowledging trouble in eBay land, but I doubt that Chris Dawson ever will.