Monday, September 8, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Like everyone else, cash money is short in our house this year, but Christmas is coming. I thought it would be appropriate to do some early shopping for my e-friends who will all be receiving virtual gifts this year.

For John I bought eyewear, and because platinum is appropriate for this special dude, these. He can wear them to the next eBay Dead and convey a subtle message.

For Biddy I thought this would be perfect, she's an old fashioned kind of gal, and this is the gift enclosure card.

For Cliff I chose this card and a one of a kind repro vintage quilt for watching the games in the cold northern winters. It is special because I designed the pattern.

For Scott P, I had a harder time, after much dithering I thought nothing attracts the fair sex more than the contrast of pearls and rugged masculinity with a Florida tan so here you go dahlin' and good hunting!

For Randy the tour and a mixed case to take home with him.

Last but not least for Hillary, this has a little pony flavor and is vintage so I am hoping she will like it.

Such a relief to get Christmas shopping done,

Y'all come back


Sue Bailey said...

Wow, gorgeous ring! Thank you :-D

Randy Smythe said...

I really enjoyed my gift. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the free plugs! Glad we could help you out with your Xmas needs!

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