Sunday, September 7, 2008

That Was The Week That Was - Roundup

Statistical manipulation and accounting games at eBay? Surely not! What an idea! Buildaskill

If JD crashes the darling of the dot com revolution, will he ever be employable again? Will he care if he’s in line to get a similar golden handshake to the one Meg Whitman allegedly got? Or should all the company’s customers, damaged by his policies, take up the baton now, and report suspicions of what is increasingly looking like Enronesque activity?

Announcement from the Evil Empire, improving Buyer experience by removing tools rather than educating buyers in use of the tools, I see that Tamebay had a post on this too, some interesting and educational (for me) comments there.

... we're going to remove the Bid Assistant tool (which allowed you to bid on multiple similar items in succession) in the next few weeks.

Funny PayPal stuff at "The Spoof"

The new DSR, or Dental Service Record system will be based on a 5 point star system whereas other employees and co-workers will anonymously judge each other based on their dental visits.

Gentle Satire on Genuine Seller

Linked to the exit of several middle and even upper-middle eBay managers is the term "operational efficiency." Evidently moving some people out makes things more efficient. They've certainly been efficient with their sellers this year.

Marketing Tip on Trading Assistant Journal

This is a very good way for small to mid sized online merchants to gain additional exposure for any online e-commerce store.

More Satire on My Blog Utopia!

News from Auctionbytes

... not only will some sellers find themselves competing with the manufacturer of the product they sell, but that competitor is getting free listings and better exposure.

Reasoned Opinion from Brews News

In my opinion, the sheer number and extent of the site issues have reached epidemic proportions. I keep expecting that I’ll wake up one morning soon to find that the site won’t come up at all.

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Anonymous said...

Better than the Sunday Papers, thanks!

Hoardmeister said...

Excellent post. About a week ago, I posted a blog entry, "Is Ebay Auctioning Off Its Soul?" You might want to check it out.